Helpful Tips

Tips for success

  • Try to listen to the whole Rapid Spirituality message in one sitting.

  • Take notes. There are four major points. Be sure you implement all 4.

  • Do the program ASAP. There is no need to delay. It can be started on any day.

  • If you are married, try to do the program with your spouse.

  • Stay on course for all seven days.

  • If you are overwhelmed by doing the program for seven days, try five or even three days. Any movement in a positive direction is a good start.

  • If you fall off the wagon and mess up, just get right back on and do the four steps. No big deal. Finish your seven day session.

  • Let us know of your testimony when you are done.

  • Use the tell a friend page to tell others about Rapid Spirituality.



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