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Sue L.

I was so excited when I first heard this message. If you’ve always wanted to strengthen your relationship with God but didn’t quite know how to go about it this message will give you a practical, step-by-step jump-start. Being the type of person that was never in the house with the TV off I thought that giving up TV completely for 7 days would be difficult, but once I made the determination that I needed to do this, it became an easy thing. I wasn’t able to follow the plan to the letter (this time) but the great thing about God is as you take a step toward Him, he takes a step toward you (& He’s got mighty long legs!) Even going slightly off the plan I can sense a definite change in my walk with God. I’m more on fire & more hungry for the Word of God than I’ve ever been. This is something I am absolutely going to do again & I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s hungry for more of God or wants to be. I can only imagine the results I’ll have when I follow EVERY step of the plan!

Non Denominational
Brockton, MA

Jenn D.

I highly recommend the teaching of Pastor Mike Faherty. I have grown spiritually and learned so much from him and his wife. You should definitely take the time to listen to this message and act on it!!

Somerville, MA


I have just completed my second "Rapid Spirituality" session. I will repeate this again in the future as I see the need. It is a jump start into spiritual things. I am focused and getting answers from God in my life. I thank God for this practicle, easy-to-do program.

Falmouth, MA




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